The competitive position of the bank

Competitive Advantages Of PKO Bank Polski SA Group

The strongest financial brand in Poland

PKO Bank Polski SA invariably remains the most recognizable bank in Poland. The customers appreciate the brand and associate it not only with a bank that cares for their individual needs but also ensures high security of the entrusted funds. The brand’s strength supports the dominating share of PKO Bank Polski SA in the main segments of loan and deposit markets and the share of its subsidiaries which stands out in the investment fund market and lease market. The value of the PKO Bank Polski SA* brand as at the end of 2016 was estimated at PLN 3.6 billion.

* according to Rzeczpospolita daily valuation under the ranking of the most valuable Polish brands

The largest distribution network in Poland

The largest multichannel distribution network on the Polish market creates an environment for increasing the revenue not only of PKO Bank Polski SA but also of the entire Group and enables the diversification of revenue sources. The reach of the distribution network enables providing bank products and services in a manner that is the most convenient for the customers. This also applies to persons residing in locations in which the Bank’s main competitors do not have their branches.

High quality of customer service

The largest customer base of PKO Bank Polski SA creates an environment for setting the standards of customer service, products and services offered and technological innovations. The potential for setting market standards in association with high strength in the area of enterprise financing provides the bank with a competitive advantage over its largest competitors.

Innovations and payments

PKO Bank Polski SA invests in the development of electronic and mobile banking services, thus dynamically adapting to the changing customer preferences. The project of IKO mobile payments and creating a global scale innovative BLIK payment standard confirmed a high value of the business solutions offered. PKO Bank Polski SA actively cooperates with technological start-ups setting the path for other Polish banks and supports the development of the e-State by using innovative solutions in public administration.

Involvement in the development of Polish entrepreneurship

PKO Bank Polski SA stands out against other banks with a comprehensive product offer addressed to both micro, small and medium and large enterprises. The Bank offers a full range of modern financial solutions: settlement and transaction products, loan and deposit products as well as specialist brokerage and financial services within the scope of leases and factoring. PKO Bank Polski SA follows the needs of Polish entrepreneurs who are open to new development directions and supports them in foreign expansion.

Competent and devoted staff

For many years now PKO Bank Polski SA has belonged to the circle of the most desired employers, both among students and specialists and managers.

Stable base of financing

PKO Bank Polski SA has a secure and stable financing structure based on customer deposits, mainly deposits of retail customers. High assessment of the Bank’s financial reliability enables access to financing on the Polish and international bond markets.

Competitive position

  • 1st place in key market segments
  • 1st place in the leasing market after acquisition of Raiffeisen Leasing Polska
  • 1 st place in the ranking of Polish brands (category "finances") - the most valuable brand
  • The largest employer in the banking sector - 29.4 thous. employees
  • One of the safest banks in Europe - 4th place in EBA 2016 stress tests
  • Over 9 million customers
  • Mobile banking leader - 2.0 mllion mobile customers
  • PLN 285.6 bilion assets
  • Over 2 thous. offices including 1.2 own branches