Business segments

Retail Segment

In 2016, PKO Bank Polski SA continued sustained development in the area of retail segment customers, focused on identifying and satisfying the needs of its customers with whom it builds strong, long-term relations. It initiated initiatives aimed at increasing service quality, among other things, by activities leading to increased innovation in respect of new financial solutions, both in respect of products and distribution channels, in particular with regard to electronic banking and mobile payments.

In the period discussed, in all branches of PKO Bank Polski SA the New Sales Rhythm programme was launched. Thanks to this programme, the Bank became even more clearly a multi-channel institution with fast processes, innovative products and personalized offers for customers.

The New Sales Rhythm programme provides modern tools and functionalities of bank applications which – due to the ergonomic support of the Platin CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system – ensure more complete knowledge of the customer and allow to present the customer with the most suitable offer of cash advances tailored to their needs. Also the processes and formalities connected with the consumer finance products have been significantly simplified. All the implemented features are supported with an integrated motivation system with new tools for consultants across the network of branches.

Customers of the segment

At the end of 2016 number of serviced customers in retail segment reached 9.2 million, in which 8.8 million were individuals. More than a half of retail segment customers regularly use electronic banking. The most active group of users are customers aged between 18 and 35.

Due to the wide range of distribution channels most of Banks customers (approx. 67%) lives in municipality under 100 thousand citizens. Trustworthy bank’s brand, ability in combining tradition with modernity and transparent product offer, which includes time-varying customer preferences, makes bank recognizable not only in urban centers. What is more, due to the demographic profile c.a. 48% of customer base are aged under 45.

Age structure of Bank's clients

Distribution of the Bank's customers by place of residence

The most important distribution channel, from the point of view of acquired retail customers, was branch network. Acquisition of new customers is carried out mainly through the sale of current accounts (over 87%) and by consumer loans (over 12%).

The loan offer in the retail segment

The PKO Bank Polski SA offer covers a wide range of credit products. Individuals can take advantage of the financing offered under loans:

  • consumer loans available in the form of cash loans, mortgage-backed loans, revolving loans and credit cards
  • the funding available in the form of mortgage loans.

Offer for small and medium-sized enterprises is available in the form:

  • of investment and investor,
  • working capital loans.

By the end of 2016 gross loans of retail segment of PKO Bank Polski SA amounted to PLN 146 billion and since the beginning of the year increased almost by PLN 6 billion (i.e. by 4%). Mainly due to growth in mortgage portfolio (PLN +5.4 billion since the beginning of the year) and retail and private banking (PLN +0.9 billion).

Loans structure of the retail segment at the 31.12.2016

Loan balances in the retail segment (in PLN million)

 31.12.201631.12.201531.12.201431.12.201331.12.2012Change 2016/2015Change (in PLN million)
Gross loans and advances granted, of which:       
retail and private banking24 28023 34021 45520 39921 6014.0%940
mortgage banking including PKO Bank Hipoteczny SA loans101 30395 93690 62368 79563 8155.6%5 366
small and medium enterprises20 57121 31321 50421 63220 930-3.5%-742
Total146 154140 589133 582110 827106 3474.0%5 564

Retail and private banking loans

Retail customers can use both the standard cash loan, as well as the current financing available under the revolving loans and credit cards.

PKO Bank Polski SA continued its activity to support sales of consumer loans as part of a marketing campaign under the slogan:

  • ‘Mini Ratka z gwarantowaną stałą ratą’ - promoting the sale of short-term cash loan for up to 6 months. The offer was addressed to customers looking for short-term financing, rapid credit decision and a minimum of formalities.
  • ‘Mini Ratka na pierwszy dzwonek’ – an offer with attractive pricing for a maximum of 9 months.
  • ‘Mini Ratka łączy na święta’ – promoting the possibility of consolidation of existing debts and obtaining additional financing even up to 25 percent of the consolidated amount.

PKO Bank Polski SA systematically takes measures to increase effective access to credit offer for retail customers and private banking, regardless of distribution channel. As part of the activities performed:

  • the text of the credit application and agreement has been simplified,
  • the waiting time for the credit decision and disbursement of funds was shortened,
  • the offer has been simplified – irrespective of the customer segment, one product, cash advance with an individually agreed price has been made available.
  • regular customers of the Bank can obtain the expected amount of the loan to an account even within 30 minutes through access to personalized credit offer,
  • The new sales process for renewal loans new service One Click was introduced, owner of saving account can sent request via iPKO transaction system or Contact Center (CC) and accept agreement with authorization tool,
  • in December 2016, the remote iPKO and CC channels launched a process which allows to grant or extend a limit of admissible negative balance without the need to visit the branch.

Mortgage banking loans

PKO Bank Polski SA has been a long-term leader in financing the housing needs of people in Poland.

According to the data presented by the Polish Bank Association it shows that at the end of 2016 PKO Bank Polski SA was the first on the market with 31.9% share in sales of mortgage loans for individuals. In 2016 a total amount of granted loans equalled to approx. PLN 12.5 billion.

Retail banking customers can use flagship mortgage product known as ‘WŁASNY KĄT’ available in ‘Mieszkanie dla Młodych’ programme as well.

PKO Bank Polski SA strives to provide customers not only with the widest range of credit products, but also to offer attractive prices of mortgage products available in the Banks offer. In promotional periods ‘Mortgage Loans’ Open Days’ it introduced a periodic decrease in margins.

PKO Bank Polski SA granted under the ‘Mieszkanie dla Młodych’ programme more than 8.5 thousand loans for a total amount of PLN 1.4 billion. The programme consists of subsidies from the state budget to own contribution and additional financial support in the form of repayment of part of the loan.

In 2016, a special offer for owners of Large Family Card was introduced, valid until 31 August 2020, in which commission for granting the ‘Własny Kąt Hipoteczny’ housing loan was reduced to 50% of the standard commission for granting loans.

Share in the market of new sale of mortages*

*source: ZBP, share of PKO Banku Polskiego SA and PKO Banku Hipotecznego SA

Processes and actions in support of borrowers with housing loans

In connection with the entry into force on 19 February 2016 the law on support for borrowers in a difficult financial situation, the Bank implemented the process of granting support. The new solution is dedicated to borrowers in a difficult financial situation, who have a mortgage loan - either in local currency or in foreign currency, secured by mortgage on the credited property.

From the support will benefit those who on the day of submission of the application fulfil, among others, the following conditions:

 - they will have the status of unemployed,

 - the monthly cost of servicing the loan exceeds 60% of monthly household income,

 - monthly household income net of loan instalment does not exceed the thresholds entitling to benefit from social assistance.

The solutions enable financial support by the Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego for a period not longer than 18 months, the equivalent of mortgage loan installments (principal and interest), but no more than PLN 1.5 thousand per month. As at 31 December 2016 there were 146 requests for support registered in the Bank’s system.

According to a previous declaration the Bank continued to apply operations to compensate customers for an increase in loan installments due to the strengthening of the Swiss franc, including:

 - 1% spread in handling mortgage loans in this currency,

 - taking into account the negative rate of LIBOR CHF in the cost of a mortgage loan,

 - extending the repayment date within the maximum term of the loan without charging a fee for extension of the term of the loan.

In addition, the Bank provided customers with the opportunity to apply for change of collateral of the loans in CHF in order to allow the sale of real estate secured with mortgage, associated with the granting of a new loan in PLN and the establishment of a mortgage on a newly purchased property. In the last quarter of 2016, the validity of the offer supporting borrowers with CHF mortgage loans was extended until 30 June 2017.

Loans for small and medium enterprises

PKO Bank Polski SA consistently supports Polish entrepreneurship. Companies from the sector of small and medium-sized enterprises are provided with funding for current and investment needs through a wide and flexible range of loans. Thanks to the cooperation between the PKO Bank Polski SA and Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego agreement ‘Portfelowa Linia Gwarancyjna de minimis’ (‘De minimis Guarantee Portfolio Line’) and ‘Portfelowa Linia Gwarancyjna COSME’ (‘COSME Portfolio Guarantee Line’) under the government and EU aid programme for small and medium-sized businesses, entrepreneurs receive support in the form of BGK guarantees - de minims and guarantees of counter guarantees granted by the European Investment Fund under the programme COSME. The aim is to increase the availability of credit and the mobilization of additional resources for current operations of the company.

As at 31 December 2016, the value of loans granted under the ‘De minimis Guarantee Portfolio Line’ programme totalled PLN 4.0 billion. PKO Bank Polski SA was the largest lender of the twenty-one banks providing loans with de minimis guarantees and held 22.1% market share (according to the data provided by the Center of Sureties and Guarantees in Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego, as at 31 December 2016). Guarantee limit currently granted to PKO Bank Polski SA was risen by PLN 2.5 billion and amounts now PLN 7.3 billion. As at 31 December 2016 the exposure measured by the value of active signed contracts amounted to PLN 2.2 billion. In turn, the value of loans granted under ‘COSME Portfolio Guarantee Line’ as at 31 December 2016 totalled over PLN 155 million, and guarantees granted amounted to PLN 124 million. In the fourth quarter of 2016, the value of the guarantee limit under the PLG COSME programme was increased to PLN 250 million for the period to 28 September 2017.

On 24 February 2016, PKO Bank Polski SA and Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego signed an annex to the portfolio guarantee de minimis agreement, on the basis of which innovative entrepreneurs will be granted de minimis guarantees financed from by the Operational Programme Innovative Economy (OPIE) Guarantee Fund. The pool of available funds in PKO Bank Polski SA is PLN 55 million.

In the period discussed, PKO Bank Polski SA addressed several promotions to small- and middle-sized enterprises, in order to support their investments and business goals financially. Moreover, the multi-channel sale of working capital loans and an SME advances functionality was introduced. Thanks to the new and simplified process, customers can purchase products even up to PLN 50 thousand without leaving their office, without submitting financial documents or security. The loan agreement is concluded online through the electronic banking functionality (iPKO) and authorized using a text message (SMS).

Leasing for SMEs

Under the Group offer, customers from the small and medium enterprise sector may use lease products and services. Practically any fixed asset may be financed in the form of a lease, depending on the customer needs, including:

  • vehicles, and plant and machinery,
  • investment projects (e.g. technological lines)
  • office equipment and furniture,
  • computer hardware,
  • medical equipment
  • agricultural plant and machinery,
  • real estate.

Apart from the standard products, the offer includes fleet leasing services and cooperation with suppliers.

Leasing receivables retail (in PLN million)

In 2016 the offer of Car Assistance were extended and GAP was reinforced, which increased the attractiveness of the products for the Customers. Additionally, a new product was introduced, Loss of Profits Insurance, which guarantees the Customers the refund of the difference in income before tax in the event of a total loss or theft.

As a result of purchasing the RLPL company, the lease receivables portfolio in the retail segment increased by PLN 4.7 billion.

Deposit and investment offer

In 2016 PKO Bank Polski SA continued activities aimed at offering more attractive deposits and investments for changing retail segment customer’s needs, taking into account current market conditions and competitive position. At the same time, activities aimed at diversifying sources of financing were carried out.

As at 31 December 2016 the deposits of the retail segment of PKO Bank Polski SA amounted to PLN 162 billion and from the beginning of the year increased by PLN 14 billion (i.e. 9.5%). The increase in deposits of retail and private banking and deposits from SMEs contributed to this, due to growth of current and term deposits volume, with current deposits growing apparently faster.

Deposit balances in the retail segment (in PLN million)

 31.12.201631.12.201531.12.201431.12.201331.12.2012Change 2016/2015Change (in PLN milion)
Customer deposits, of which:       
retail and private banking139 423127 833121 893110 608105 7999.1%11 590
small and medium enterprises22 24319 80317 21314 75713 41312.3%2 440
Total161 666147 636139 106125 365119 2129.5%14 030

Current and saving accounts

PKO Bank Polski SA is the market leader in terms of the number of current accounts, which at 31 December 2016 amounted to 6.9 million.

The present level of accounts is derived from the varied offer in terms of customer preferences, which can be distinguished among others: PKO Konto bez Granic, PKO Konto za Zero, PKO Konto dla Młodych and PKO Junior.

PKO Bank Polski SA adjusted its offer to beneficiaries of ‘Rodzina 500+’ programme introducing dedicated ‘Konto za Zero Rodzina 500+’. Using an account is free of charge. In 2016, 17.5 thousand of this type of accounts were opened.

What is more bank extended ‘PKO Konto dla Młodych’ offer. As for now not only students and graduates aged between 18 and 26 can participate in the offer but everyone in specified age group.

Small and medium enterprises interested in complex, modern and price attractive PKO Bank Polski SA services are offered with two packages:

  • PKO Corporate Account for individuals running one-man business, freelancers and professional farmer who appreciate support of their finances with modern banking services, as well as with individual advisor in bank branch,
  • PKO Business Account was created for enterprises with larger requirements which needs offer perfectly suited to their needs and appreciate the cooperation with individual bank advisor. Bank offers to PKO Business Account owners access to advanced online banking iPKO business, all cash-management services, low transaction costs realized via Internet and many more modern banking products and services including the cheapest on the market SEPA online transfers or even access to simple currency exchange thanks to free iPKO dealer platform.

Account maintenance fees depend on customer activity and cash flow.

Number of checking account (in thousand)

Term deposits and regular saving products

The dominant share of deposits in the retail market are deposits of retail and private banking. Customers in this segment allocated their resources primarily in term deposits. In the first half of 2016, the Bank offered to individual customers, among others, deposits with progressive interest rate and standard and structured deposits.

The most popular term deposits among customers in e Bank's retail and private banking offer in 2016 were:

  • 24M term deposits with negotiated interest rates,
  • 6M internet deposit available in the electronic banking system,
  • term deposit account 3+3 for new funds, deposit 3+3 with negotiated interest rate,
  • 1M special term deposits available via online transaction services iPKO and Inteligo.

The Bank’s offer dedicated to individual customers also includes structured instruments. In 2016 the Bank has conducted 24 subscriptions of structured deposits, including deposits based on:

  • USD/PLN exchange rate (9- and 15-month with guaranteed 1% interest rate and 36-month with guaranteed 2.25% interest rate)
  • EUR/PLN exchange rate (9-month, 15-month and 15-month with 1% guaranteed interest rate and 36-month with guaranteed 2.25% interest rate).

The attractiveness of offered products provide achieved results: structured deposit based on basket of shares of new technology companies, which PKO Bank Polski SA offered to customers in 2014, at the end of investment period, which fell on 30 May 2016 brought to investors 10% profit for the wholes investment period, which is c.a. 5% annually.

Bank extended its product range of term deposit to encourage customers to regular savings by:

  • introducing to the offer a term deposit ‘Kapitał na Własny Kąt’ as a product which is designed for customers, who are planning to take out a mortgage in the future, the possibility of regular saving for their own contribution,
  • introducing to the offer a term deposit ‘Kapitał dla Dziecka’ addressed to customers receiving ‘Rodzina 500+’ programme benefits as well as those not covered by the programme, who want to build financial security of their children from earliest years.

Deposit structure of the retail segment at the 31.12.2016

Investment funds

As a result of cooperation with PKO Towarzystwo Funduszy Inwestycyjnych SA (TFI) customers of retail and private banking are offered 40 non dedicated funds, with total assets of PLN 19 billion.

PKO Bank Polski SA constantly extends offer in the area of investment funds. In 2016, PKO Bank Polski SA carried out, among other things, an issue of investment certificates of Fundusze Inwestycyjne Zamknięte PKO Globalnej Strategii, PKO Absolutnej Stopy Zwrotu Europa Wschód – Zachód, PKO Strategii Obligacyjnych closed-end investment funds.

Total astes FI (in PLN million)

Sales of state treasury bonds

PKO Bank Polski SA possess exclusive rights to sell and service retail bonds issued by the State Treasury, under an agreement concluded with the Minister of Finance. Treasury bonds are sold through the expansive sales network of PKO Bank Polski SA, which is a great convenience for all persons who wish to invest in bonds. In 2016, almost 46 million of bonds were sold (in 2015, the sale of bonds reached 32 million bonds).

Other products and services in the retail segment

Banking cards

As at 31 December 2016 the number of PKO Bank Polski SA bank cards amounted to approx. 7.9 million, including 0.9 million credit cards.

Activities performed in 2016, as part of the card business:

  • in the first half of the year, the consortium comprising PKO Bank Polski SA and eService won a tender for handling payment cards in Postal facilities, as a result of which nearly 8 thousand ATMs were installed in the Poczta Polska network, and customers of over 4.6 thousand Postal facilities can pay by card for services such as: paying bills or sending parcels,
  • introduced the possibility to order a credit card through the Contact Center and iPKO online banking,
  • reduced sales process of credit cards called ‘one-click’ has been implemented,
  • the offer included Przejrzysta (Transparent) credit card endorsed by MasterCard, to supplement the existing bank offer comprising the Przejrzysta credit card endorsed by Visa,
  • implemented free of chargé 3D-Secure service, due to payments realized in online shops marked with ‘MasterCard Secure Cod’ or ‘Verified by VISA’ are additionally secured by single use code,
  • the possibility of ordering in the online service a ‘multi-currency’ debit card for currency accounts with the VISA brand, which can be attached to all currency accounts held by the customer,
  • a promotion of Diners Club cards was addressed to small- and middle-sized enterprises, which involved reducing the annual fee for a newly issued PKO Standard Diners Club card to PLN 0 in the first year and for PKO Executive Diners Club card to PLN 120 in the first year.

Number of total bank's card (in thousand)

Insurance products

PKO Bank Polski SA continuously develops an offer of insurance products increasing attractiveness of banking products combined with them and giving customers opportunity to secure their debts, assets and to receive help due to accident. PKO Bank Polski SA offers insurance products to retail and private banking as well as to the small and medium enterprises segment connected with products such as:

  • consumer and mortgage loans (Life and unemployment insurance, Real property insurance, Movables insurance, Third-party liability (OC) insurance, Assistance insurance, Low contribution insurance and Bridge insurance, as well as SME advance repayment insurance),
  • current accounts (ROR) (i.a. life and accident insurance, property insurance, civil liability insurance, assistance insurance),
  • bank cards (i.a. security package to credit cards, Travel insurance, Loan repayment insurance).

PKO Bank Polski SA concentrates on cooperation with PKO Życie Towarzystwo Ubezpieczeń SA and PKO Towarzystwo Ubezpieczeń SA, thus maximizing the value for the customer and other stakeholders.

In 2016, Bank’s offer has been enriched with new insurance products:

  • loss of income source or hospital treatment due to accident insurance for credit card holders,
  • other retail insurance:
    • loss of income insurance for ‘Pożyczka Gotówkowa’,
    • property insurance for loans or mortgages loans,
    • loss of income insurance for loans or mortgage loans
    • insurance of repayment of SME advances in the event of the temporary inability to repay or downtime in business activities
    • Endowment insurance: ‘Bezpieczny Kapitał +’ (‘Safe Capital +’).
  • uniform security to the Cash Advance addressed to customers in the Base Customer and Private Banking segments,

The insurance products premiums less returns (in PLN million)

Private banking

PKO Bank Polski SA was consistently developing Private Banking segment, focusing on close cooperation within the Group, allowing customers access to a wide range of products and financial instruments. During the period under analysis eight closed-end investment funds issues were offered to Private Banking customers – four issues of PKO Corporate bonds and two each issues: PKO Eastern-Western Europe and PKO Global Macroeconomic. Customers participated as well in issue of corporate bonds of: Best SA, Ghelamco SA and Kruk SA.

The team that provides services to the most affluent customers consists of 62 counselors and 29 business analysts. Private Banking offices are located in 9 major cities in Poland: Warsaw, Gdansk, Krakow, Katowice, Poznan, Wroclaw, Lodz, Szczecin and Bydgoszcz (institution was launched as a part of the Private Banking Office in Gdansk).

Private Banking Center of PKO Bank Polski SA manages assets portfolio worth PLN 15.8 billion.

Distribution network and access channels

As at 31 December 2016, the retail branch network of PKO Bank Polski SA consisted of 1 179 branches grouped in 11 regional divisions and 8 retail banking offices. Compared with the end of 2015 the total number of retail branches decreased by 40. The development of the multi-channel distribution model has a considerable impact on the optimization of the branch sales network. The optimization of fixed branches is carried out continuously, and the final decisions on leaving a given facility on a particular micro-market are made based on the economic rationale for its operations, taking into account the development potential of that micro-market. This optimization is of a multi-faceted character, which comprises activities such as changing the character of facilities or reducing their number.

The process of reducing large branches is accompanied by the universalization of smaller branches and transformation of small branches into agencies in justified cases.

Operating data of the retail segment

 31.12.201631.12.201531.12.201431.12.201331.12.201231.12.201131.12.201031.12.2009Change 2016/2015Change 2016-2015
Number of branches in the retail segment:11981238128011471134113111401160-3.2%-40
retail branches11791219126111301120111911281148-3.3%-40
regional retail branches11111111111212120.0%0
private banking branches888630000.0%0
Number of ATMs320631963065299228032457241923880.3%10
Number of agencies837881100110741208140019422175-5.0%-44

Branch network and agencies

The Bank is constantly improving conditions for customers in the branch network. In 2016 these activities focused on the modernization of branches and moving them to the new attractive locations. As part of the projects of the Bank and as a result of gained experience, universally applicable branch format is constantly evolving in the direction of optimal operating conditions, tailored to the changing technology. At the same time, work is being carried out to determine the future of branches, taking into account the needs of customers, changes on the bank services market and the social role of PKO Bank Polski SA. One of the main challenges is to balance the proportion between aiming at a modern image and self-service devices, and the customer need to ensure the desired effectiveness.

Essential complement to the network of branches and ATMs is a network of agencies. As at 31 December 2016 PKO Bank Polski SA collaborated with 837 agencies and in comparison to 31 December 2015 the number of agencies has decreased by 44 units. The decrease in the number of agencies is a result of efforts to increase network’s efficiency.

Electronic banking

Customers of the iPKO retail service can benefit from a package of electronic banking services. In addition to small and medium-sized enterprises there is a possibility of using electronic banking services under the name iPKO business. These services provide customers with access to information about their accounts and products, as well as allows them to make transactions through: Internet, self-service terminals, telephone.

Bank systematically promotes the remote use of the Internet account, separate account management and banking products in the transaction service, which allows customers faster and easier access to their products, as well as lowering the cost of using banking services. One of the campaign popularizing modern banking channels was conducted in the first quarter of 2016 to promote ‘Replace scratch card for 10 PLN’, which the aim was encouraging customers to use other authorization tools than the transaction authentication codes, such as SMS or token.

PKO Bank Polski SA was the first bank to become involved in the government programme ‘Rodzina 500+’. The relevant agreement was signed between the Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Policy and PKO Bank Polski SA. As a result, the Bank's customers with access to the Internet service both iPKO and Inteligo can apply for the benefit of programme ‘Rodzina 500+’ electronically.

The participation of PKO Bank Polski SA in the programme ‘Rodzina 500+’ is just one of the signs of the Bank's involvement in the construction of e-state. Thanks to an agreement signed with the Social Insurance Institution, through which the Bank's customers from 13 May 2016 are able to set up a profile on Electronic Services Platform (ESP) of Social Insurance Institution from banking services level or online via iPKO or Inteligo.

Mobile banking IKO

PKO Bank Polski SA provides customers with modern technological solutions giving them full, simple, functional access to banking services by using the mobile that is safe.

IKO is the most popular and the most developed system of mobile payments in Poland. It combines the functions of mobile banking with the ability to make mobile payments.

The total number of IKO activations has exceeded one million. The application is constantly enriched with new functionalities. The changes have transformed the IKO application used for payments or withdrawals to mobile application being the bank in the phone.

On the basis of IKO, Polish standard of mobile payments, BLIK, was created. BLIK is a universal form of payments and cash withdrawals from ATMs without using cash or credit card, created together with partner banks and the National Clearing House. As at 31 December 2016 the network of acceptance of mobile payments (IKO, BLIK) included more than 175 thousand devices (eService terminals and First Data) throughout the country. W In connection with the implementation of the BLIK system, IKO application now enables cash withdrawal from more than 15.5 thousand of PKO Bank Polski SA ATMs and Bank Millennium SA, Bank Zachodni WBK SA, ING Bank Śląski SA, Euronet ATMs (about 6 thousand) and IT Card (about 1.8 thousand). At the end of June 2016 PKO Bank Polski gave new option to customers in ‘Płace z iPKO’ method – transaction authorization through entering BLIK code generated in IKP application. Thanks to implemented method payments can be performed in most of online shops in Poland, including the biggest integrator PayU. Change appeared as well in the biggest Polish e-commerce bidding platform – Allegro.

What is more Bank allowed its youngest customers – under 13, using PKO Konto Dziecka and PKO Junior transaction service, access to bank account through PKO Junior mobile application. Application is not only handy but safe as well, additionally is enriched with financial education and development of entrepreneurial attitudes functions.

The PKO Bank Polski SA Contact Center

Contact Center plays an important role in the retail segment customer’s service. The aim of this unit is to conduct the sale of products offered by the Bank during incoming and outgoing calls and to provide efficient and effective customer service, using remote communication.

The tasks of the Contact Center are in particular:

  • sale of banking products during incoming and outgoing calls,
  • supporting remote sales processes initiated on the web,
  • handling of incoming calls from customers of the retail segment,
  • outgoing calls initiated by the Bank (information tasks),
  • handling security issues (incoming and outgoing),
  • support for e-mail correspondence,
  • answering questions asked via customers infosite and iPKO service,
  • internal customer service (professional helpdesk for branch employees),
  • early monitoring of receivables.

Apart from that, the Contact Center actively participates in many new processes, such as a project aimed at increasing the safety of transactions ordered by the Bank customers, which directs potentially suspicious transfers for additional verification with the customer.

Corporate and investment segment

In 2016 PKO Bank Polski SA as in previous years based the development of corporate business on building stable relationships with customers through high quality services, cooperation based on partnership and specialized competence of the sales network. Current business financing (through working capital loans), as well as openness to participation in the implementation of their future projects (through investment loans) and support in the implementation of local government projects, invariably constitute the main priorities of the Bank's corporate and investment segment.

The Bank analyzed market expectations systematically and, in order to meet customer expectations, tailored its current product and service offer so as to cope with increasing competitive pressure. As a result, a broad range of transaction products and products mitigating financial risks (liquidity, settlement, interest rate, currency and commodity price risks) were being developed consistently, and financing structure needs were addressed in a flexible manner.

A parallel international trade financing offer has been developed. The Bank became a strategic partner of Grupa Polskiego Funduszu Rozwoju in respect of providing export support. The value of support offered by PFR under the International Expansion of Polish Enterprises Programme which is supported by PKO Bank Polski SA, totals approx. PLN 60 billion.

Customers of the segment

At the end of December 2016, the Corporate and Investment segment provided services to nearly 15 thousand customers, including 1.1 thousand strategic customers, over 0.6 thousand foreign customers, and over 4.3 thousand self-government and central government units together with budget-related and associated entities. In 2016, the number of customers served in this segment increased by 0.4 thousand.

In 2016 the Bank strengthened its position as an undisputed leader in providing services for local governments, by participating in local projects with custom character and by winning a tender for providing services to the Podkarpackie Voivodeship. In total, the Bank provides services for 6 from 16 voivodeships in Poland.

Share of corporate and ivestments segment clients

Lending activity and structured financing

As at 31 December 2016 gross corporate loans amounted to PLN 52 billion and from the beginning of the year, the balance went up by PLN 5 billion, total financing provided to corporate customers including bonds issued amounted to over PLN 65 billion and in the year increased by almost PLN 6 billion (i.e. by 9.3%).

Financing of corporate customer (in PLN million)

 31.12.201631.12.201531.12.201431.12.201331.12.2012Change 2016/2015Change (in PLN milion)
Corporate loans gross52 15846 77446 25738 94739 27311.5%5 384
Debt securities*13 31813 13213 0646 2926 3301.4%186
municipal7 1487 3097 3034 4193 955-2.2%-161
corporate6 1715 8235 7611 8732 3756.0%347
Financing total65 47659 90659 32145 23845 6039.3%5 570

*Data presented including securities classified to the category loans and advances to customers.

In 2016 in the corporate and investment segment new loan products were launched that allow customers adjusting their pre-approved credit limits to their working capital and investment financing needs in the certain moment and specialized loan and treasury products for agricultural industry reducing market risk.

PKO Bank Polski SA supports their customers’ strategic investment projects realization through advisory regarding financing form choice as well as flexible terms of financing and repayment. The Bank is working closely with local government units and finances investment projects contributing to the local community.

PKO Bank Polski SA is a strategic partner in investment projects of corporate customers and local self-government units not only by supplying appropriate financing and flexible repayment terms, but also by making it possible to conclude transactions to hedge financial risk. In 2016, the Bank signed:

  • 17 loan agreements in a banking consortium for a total of over PLN 12 billion, where the Bank’s share amounted to nearly PLN 4 billion,
  • 1 investment loan agreement for an entity not related to the Bank for the amount of PLN 0.6 billion and 1 loan promise for the amount of PLN 3.2 billion,
  • 3 agreements on bond issues for a total of over PLN 29 million and 1 corporate bond issue in the form of bank consortium for a total of PLN 1.1 billion in which the Bank’s share amounted to approx. PLN 90 million,
  • 178 municipal bond issues and annexes extending the period of previously concluded issue agreements totalling PLN 1.2 billion;
  • 3 bond issue agreements without guarantee of closing the issue, totalling nearly PLN 5 billion.

As part of the Group’s product offer, its corporate customers can use products and services under leases. Virtually all fixed assets are financed with leases, depending on customer needs. Apart from standard products, the offer also includes the services of renting a car fleet and cooperation with suppliers.

Deposit activities and transaction banking

The level of deposits at the end of 2016 amounted to PLN 38 billion and decreased by PLN 4.9 billion as compared to the end of the last year. This resulted from the liquidity policy followed by the Bank and obtaining long-term financing from the wholesale market.

Corporate deposits (in PLN million)

 31.12.201631.12.201531.12.201431.12.201331.12.2012Change 2016/2015Change (in PLN milion)
Corporate deposits38 02542 90830 90721 33623 968-11.4%-4 883

PKO Bank Polski SA is constantly enhancing the quality of its transaction banking services, which is proved, among other things, by an increase in the number of customers who use iPKO Business.

In 2016 the Bank developed services dedicated to entities characterized by extensive organizational structure (e.g. capital groups), allowing customers to use various kinds of products and services to facilitate settlement of transactions with domestic and foreign partners.

In case of electronic services provided by PKO Bank Polski SA for customers, the leading product for corporate banking is the iPKO Business banking system. In 2016, the iPKO Business application has been expanded with new functionalities to improve the comfort of use, including among others simplified and redesigned possibilities of key operations on the site, so they were even more user-friendly and intuitive. Currently iPKO Business application allows customers to monitor and manage accounts, payment cards and loans and to submit orders for all kinds of transfers. 

In 2016, the Bank enhanced its offer for corporate customers with complex organizational structures by developing dedicated products based on ‘cash pooling’ arrangements. In particular, in connection with the operations of a bank in Germany and the launch of a branch in the Czech Republic planned for the first half of 2017, it was possible to use this tool to manage financial resources in a cross-border context.

The number of customers with access iPKO Business (in thousand)

Financial institutions

Currently PKO Bank Polski SA holds a leading position in the field of foreign banking in Poland. It has a broad and efficient network of nostro accounts in banks around the world, has more than 1 400 SWIFT established relationships with banks in different countries and in different markets. The Bank provides approx. 200 loro accounts for foreign banks, which are utilized to settle transactions of banks, both in Poland and in other markets.

The Bank actively cooperates with market participants supporting their customers’ activities on foreign marketsand extends the range of currencies available to the Bank’s customers, for example, by including the NZD (New Zealand Dollar) in the Bank’s offer.

Such actions are focused on implementing optimum methods of foreign settlements realization, introducing new solutions in international banking and seeking new appealing markets (f.e. Persian Bay, South-East Asia, South Africa).

International banking

PKO Bank Polski SA participates actively in the development of the international expansion of its customers, offering them support in foreign markets. International activities of the Bank take place on various levels. Initiatives are taken to facilitate financial support for Polish companies operating on the international markets. One of them was the opening of a corporate branch in Federal Republic of Germany. The branch offers a full range of services and products for corporate customers comprising i.a.:

  • transaction banking (including international cash pooling),
  • electronic banking,
  • treasury products,
  • trade finance,
  • corporate loans.

Another Bank branch abroad will be a facility in the Czech Republic operating under the name PKO Bank Polski, Czech Branch. Launch of that branch is scheduled for the first half of 2017. The activities of the branch will focus on servicing corporate customers, i.e. it will be analogous to the operations of the Bank branch in Federal Republic in Germany.

The launch of a Bank branch in the Czech Republic is an element of the international expansion strategy of the Bank according to which it will follow its customers. On the basis of strong relations with the majority of leading Polish groups, the Bank supports their activities and investments abroad on particularly favourable terms compared with local competitors, and therefore effectively participates in the development of the international expansion of its customers.

For the entities operating in the territory of Ukraine banking services are being provided via KREDOBANK SA which is a part of the PKO Bank Polski SA Group.

Moreover the Bank provides specialized support to foreign companies operating in Poland, e.g. from the Scandinavian countries, South Korea and Ukraine. For this purpose teams of experts dedicated to serve companies from these countries have been appointed, which favors tightening economic relations. The wide range of products offered and the team of high quality advisors make PKO Bank Polski SA increasingly appreciated by foreign customers.

Brokerage activities

The Brokerage House of PKO Bank Polski SA (BH, Brokerage House, the Office) is the leader on the brokerage services market not only with regard to the share in turnover on the secondary market, but also the organization of issues on the primary market.

At the end of 2016 BH provided 157.4 thousand securities accounts and cash accounts and had 170.4 thousand active accounts in the registry. BH, in terms of securities accounts, ranks in the fourth position among 38 participants in the market.

DM PKO BP SA in the turnover of the secondary stock market

In 2016, the value of the Office turnover on the secondary market of shares exceeded PLN 39 billion, which accounted for nearly 10% of the market and allowed to be classified in second place. The Brokerage House plays the role of an agent for the issue of retail bonds and actively participates in the turnover in bonds on the Warsaw Securities Exchange, has nearly half of the share in turnover and for many years has been ranked first among the market participants.

The Brokerage House is also an active participant of the NewConnect market. The value of realized turnover of nearly PLN 250 million gives the Office fourth place on the market and third place in terms of the number of animated companies (48).

The most important transactions in which BH intermediated on the capital market, include, among other things:

  • stock sales of Alior Bank SA - value of papers issued amounted to PLN 2.2 billion,
  • private offering of shares of Kruk SA – the transaction value exceeded PLN 200 million, and co-arrangement of the issue of corporate bonds of KRUK SA – two issue programmes with a total value of PLN 800 million,
  • participation in the sale of the bonds of Ghelamco Invest Sp. z o.o. where the total value of sales of all series amounted to PLN 155 million,
  • service of call to sell of Rovese SA shares announced by FTF Galleon SA,
  • entity intermediating in the call for the sale of shares in Asseco Central Europe a.s. Announced by Asseco Poland SA – the value of the transaction amounted to nearly PLN 30 million,

In 2016, the Brokerage House introduced the possibility of concluding and settling transactions on foreign markets in foreign currencies. Apart from settlements in PLN, it is possible to settle transactions in: EUR, CHF, GBP, USD NOK, HUF, SEK, CZK, and DKK.

Treasury Products

The Bank undertakes various efforts aimed at improving the product offer and focuses on the development of cutting edge distribution channels.

In the prior year, following the modification of its transactional platform, the Bank provided its customers with several new functionalities, including, among other things, the possibility of signing remotely financial market cooperation agreements.

Foreign exchange SPOT transactions have the largest share in sales of treasury products. In 2016 the number of such transactions increased by approx. 10% and turnover by approx. 5%. It is also worth noting an increase in the result of the sale of interest rate derivatives. In 2016, the realized result was approx. 60% higher.

Interbank market

The Bank is the Treasury Securities Dealer and Money Market Dealer, which acts as a market maker on the domestic interest rate and foreign exchange market. In the competition for the selection of Treasury Securities Dealer 2017 the Bank took third place and second place in the contest for the Money Market Dealer.

Funds not allocated to the lending activities are invested by the Bank on the Treasury securities market. The function of portfolio is related to the current liquidity management of the Bank and the function of the investment portfolio.

Fiduciary services

The Bank maintains security accounts and facilitates domestic and foreign market transactions, provides fiduciary services and acts as a depositee for pension and investment funds. As at the end of 2016 assets held by the customers on fiduciary accounts maintained by the Bank amounted to PLN 68.8 billion and was higher by circa 5% as compared to the value noted as at the end of 2015 The amount of security accounts maintained amounted to 2.0 thousand of unique accounts.

In 2016, the Bank started the project of implementing ‘indirect clearing’ services which involve intermediation in the settlement of derivative transactions – subject to the EMiR regulations – for the Bank’s customers.

Sales network

The sales network of the corporate segment includes 32 Regional Corporate Centers concentrated in seven Corporate Macroregions and Branch in Federal Republic of Germany, which serves corporate customers of PKO Bank Polski SA in Germany.

In 2016, the Bank continued to implement a strategic programme for the development of corporate sales successfully based on modern mechanisms of planning the development of customer relations, cooperation in the designing of strategies and financial support.

Operating data of the corporate segment

 31.12.201631.12.201531.12.201431.12.201331.12.2012Change 2016/2015Change 2016-2015
Number of branches in the corporate segment:404039396400
regional corporate branches77771300
corporate centres323232325100
branch of PKO Bank Polski SA in Germany11xxx00