Chances and threats

1) Chances:

a. Holistic changes in the area of processes, products and IT architecture, that increase operational efficiency and profitability 
b. Changes in format of branch offices that fully correspond to changing needs of customers
c. Growing awareness of long-term savings
d. Innovations benefiting from the leading position on the market
e. Efficient connection between banking innovations and dynamically developing fintech areas
f. Acquisitions and strategic alliances
g. Modern technologies supporting improvement of service quality and customer experience with simultaneous reduction of costs  

2) Threats:

a. Stagnation of the global economy and deflation
b. Negative demographic trends (low rate of natural increase, population ageing)
c. Interventionism and new regulations
d. Burdens connected with support for borrowers repaying FX loans
e. Threat of cybercrimes, data and transaction security, including high reputation risk
f. Access of competitive banks to know-how and business solutions obtained from foreign parent banks